I have been going to the movies ever since I was very little. My parents took my brother and me to the drive-in, placed a crib mattress in the back seat of the car and put us back there. Their rule was that we could stay up for the first feature, but we had to go to sleep for the second movie. Of course, I wanted to stay up and would sneak peaks at the movie. The earliest movie I remember is “Some Like It Hot”, which is still one of my favorite movies. In 1961 the second feature at one of our trips to the drive in was “Never On Sunday”, which was considered racy at the time. Because I wouldn’t close my eyes and sleep my parents left. I don’t know if they ever saw the end of that movie.

The first movie I saw by myself was “Goldfinger” at the Madison Theater in Albany. I walked there, instead of being dropped off and got to experience the best Bond movie ever in a huge Art Deco theater.

When I was twelve I discovered the Academy Awards. That was the year that “In the Heat of the Night” won best picture. Again, my parents took me to the drive in to see it even though it was considered an “adult” picture.