“Tina” is a new documentary showing on Netflix. It tells the life story of Tina Turner, going into a lot more detail than “What’s Love got to Do With It”. Much of the film focuses on Tina’s marriage to Ike Turner and how he controlled all aspects of her life. The one constant throughout is Tina’s incredible talent. She could sing and dance like no one else. Supposedly Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart learned their moves on stage from her. Turner is interviewed and serves as a kind of narrator. As you would expect, the music is the best part of the film. What a talent! I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.

Wrath of Man

Anytime I see a film that stars Jason Statham, I know it will be action packed, short on dialogue and has a huge body count. “Wrath of Man” lived up my expectations. It had the extra bonus of being directed by Guy Ritchie, the British director known for action, if not subtlety. In this film things are not as they seem. Statham goes to work for a armored car company, but not for the reasons he professes. I do not think that he uttered one full sentence in the whole film and he only had one facial expression throughout. In other words he was perfect, He doesn’t use his martial arts much this time. Most of the action is with guns. There are a number of plot turns as the story is explained. And did I mention that there is a huge body count? A very satisfying action/adventure film. Not one that will be remembered at awards time. Again it was great to see it on the big screen.

A Quiet Place, Part II

A few years ago “A Quiet Place” was a surprise hit; a unique, suspenseful horror film. Besides the different plot and very little dialogue it had an almost unseen predator and a lot of surprises. I love when a movie catches me off guard by being better than anticipated. So when I saw that they were making a sequel I wasn’t thrilled because they usually are not as good as the original. Once again I was pleasantly surprised because Part II is almost as good as the original. Instead of telling the same story by just changing around the scenes, this sequel’s plot is new and different. It moves the story along and is as suspenseful as the the first film. John Krasinski once again directs, but is only seen in a few flashback scenes. This time Emily Blunt carries the film. Like Part I, I was on the edge of my seat. The invaders are still scary and by conversing in sign language and pantomime throughout, it is even more suspenseful. The makers ended the movie at a point where they can make a Part III. If you liked the first one you will enjoy Part II. And it was great to see it on a big screen.


“Soul” is the new Pixar movie. Once again the studio has produced a beautifully written story about a man pursing his dream and helping another find their place. In some ways it reminded me of “Inside Out” from a few years ago, but it is different enough to stand on its own. As with most Pixar films the characters are well developed and feel real. They are spot on. This time a jazz musician is about to get his big break, but ends up in purgatory. He spends the movie trying to get back to his life. Another great movie from Pixar.

Promising Young Woman

From the previews I was not looking forward to “Promising Young Woman”. It stars Carey Mulligan, who has never impressed me, and it seemed like just another revenge/slasher film. I read some of the reviews and they were glowing, so I decided to give it a shot. Boy was I surprised. First it is not a slasher movie, but it does involve revenge. The main character is a medical school drop out who seems to be drifting through life after her best friend dies. She seeks her revenge on men by acting blind, stinking drunk and letting them take her home, only to sober up. There are a lot of plot twists and the acting is outstanding. And this is Carey Mulligan’s best performance. This is one of those movies that makes you think about what happened after its over. It is different and entertaining.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is a new film on Netflix starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman in his last role. It’s the story of a recording session of a blues singer in the 1920’s. The film is based on a play by August Wilson and is a follow-up to “Fences” from a few years ago. Davis is transformed into a blue singer who is a star to her people. She is mesmerizing as a tough, single minded woman with immense talent and is ahead of her time. Boseman plays her horn player with his own past. while he looks frail, he is a powerhouse in this role. Both of the leads are being touted for awards and deservedly so. Great movie and the blues are great.


Jessica Chastain stars as a contract killer with a past. She goes home to visit her family in Boston and confront that past. At the same time her bosses are not happy with her. This is an action film. Chastain is a bad ass and she racks up an amazing body count. The middle of the movie lags a little bit. The action scenes are well done. Ava is definitely not one to mess with. Also starring Geena Davis, John Malkovich and Colin Farrell, this is a fun,

The Prom

“The Prom” is a movie musical with a message that was recently on Broadway. Meryl Streep and James Corden star as two narcissist Broadway stars who are looking for a publicity stunt to help revive their careers. They decide to help a high school girl in Indiana who wants to go to her prom with her girlfriend, but it is forbidden. Nicole Kidman as a chorus girl and Andrew Rannells as an out-of-work actor agree to go along. The plot is just an excuse for some outstanding production numbers. The stand out in the cast is Meryl Streep, playing a diva, sings incredibly. I knew she could sing, but not like this! And for a woman of of 71 she looks amazing. Andrew Rannells, who starred in “Book of Mormon”, is also quite good. Corden are Kidman are O.K., but not up to the other two. The Indiana teenagers are a bit cliche, but enjoyable in the production numbers. This is a likable piece of fluff. The production numbers are fun to watch and well produced. A nice way to spend an evening.


It’s been nine months since I posted on Moviereviewsbymark, but I am going to try to start writing again. Let’s start with “Mank” a film written and directed by David Fincher and starring Gary Oldman. It’s the story of the man who wrote “Citizen Kane” which is one of my favorite movies. Oldman’s character, Herman Mankewicz, was a talented writer and a raging alcoholic. Most of the film takes place in 1940, but there are flashbacks to the early 1930’s when he was a successful writer. The film is in black and white to give it an early ’40’s feel and the acting is quite good, especially Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies. If you are an old movie buff you will love this film. If you are not it is an interesting story with compelling characters. Look for this film to get nominated for a bunch of Oscars.


The latest version of Jane Austen’s comedy of manors, “Emma” is more faithful to its author’s style. Anya Taylor-Joy is perfect as the title character who meddles in everyone’s business. She dominates the women and intrigues the men with her outspoken manner and confidence. This version is different from the 1996 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow; not so much better but different. For those of you who enjoy period films and Jane Austen this is not to be missed. A warning for the guys: There is very little action. A lot of talk and beautiful scenery and costumes. Well done.