What a disappointment “Gringo” was! It has a wonderful cast, what should have been an interesting, action -filled premise, and some funny moments, but it couldn’t make up it’s mind on which direction to go. Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton and David Onlyelowo head the cast. None of them are bad, but their parts are underwritten. Also, I am sick of Theron playing the femme fatale, with no morals and who uses sex as a weapon. She has proven that she is a good actress and Lord knows she is gorgeous, but will someone give her a decent part? The plot revolves around a corporation run by Theron and Edgerton that smuggles drugs in and out of Mexico. Oyelowo is their patsy. Things go wrong when they try to clean up the company for a takeover. This is one of those movies to watch when nothing else is on, the weather is terrible outside and you are bored out of your mind.

Pitch Perfect 3

My review for “Pitch Perfect 3”: They should have stopped at two. I liked the first two installments because they were clever, funny and different. The cast was fine this time, but there really wasn’t much that was new except we learned Fat Amy’s back story. We learned almost nothing about new characters and even the production numbers were uninspired. This is a wait for cable movie. Andrew Rossman See? I don’t like every movie I see.