I am here to tell you that “Cats” is not as bad as everyone says. If you are looking for a movie with a linear plot that is coherent and dialogue, stay away from this one. It is surreal, but then the play was the same way. I never understood why it ran as long as it did. The music is quite good; not Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best score, but it has a few memorable songs. Based on T.S. Elliot’s poems, “Cats” is more about the individual characters than what they are doing. It’s almost like a vaudeville or talent show. Each number shows off that particular cat’s story. Some of the performances are worth noting. Judi Detch, dressed up in a Cowardly Lion costume, is regal and intimidating. Ian McKellen’s one number as Gus the Theater Cat practically steals the show. Jennifer Hudson once again stops the show singing “Memories”. (Personally I like Betty Buckley’s version in the Broadway version.) Taylor Swift’s song is a hoot. The newcomers are all spot on. Again, it’s the missing plot that people can’t come to terms with. If you like musicals, fantasy and bizarre costumes, you’ll like “Cats”. Otherwise stay away.

Little Women

It seems like each generation has its own version of “Little Women”. There’s the Katherine Hepburn version from the 1930’s, the June Allyson version from the late 1940’s, the Winona Ryder version from the 1990’s, and now a new version from writer/director Greta Gerwig, of “Ladybird” fame. This latest retelling is different from the others. First, it is told in flashback. It is also very modern. Saoirse Ronan does a good job as Jo. Florence Pugh, as Amy, is a stand out and will probably be nominated for awards. The basic plot is the same, but it is told differently, which keeps your interest, even if you’ve seen other versions. Beautifully filmed, this is a movie that should be seen.

Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler tries something different in “Uncut Gems”. He plays a dramatic role and not a sympathetic one. In this film he is owns a New York jewelry store and he’s a liar, gambler and cheat. Obsessed with his gambling, he neglects his family and business, looking to make it big on the next deal. He owes money to the mob and they’re chasing him. This is not a pleasant movie, but it is compelling, well acted and shot on a minimal budget. And Sandler is outstanding in a totally different type of role.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

“The Rise of Skywalker” is the last chapter of the Star Wars saga. It is the episode that is supposed to tie up all of the loose ends. A lot of questions are answered but not everything. Rey is back as the Jedi hero who is supposed to save everything. Her true identity is revealed. Interestingly Kylo Ren has the hots for her. I don’t want to give away the plot because there are many twists. As usual the special effects are phenomenal. Also, the character development is non-existent. I remember when Episode IV came out in 1977 how unusual the aliens in the bar scene seemed. Today those type of creatures are all over the movie and they are common. I still have a lot of questions about certain characters, their origins and how they developed. One of the things that bothered me was how certain ghosts came back, mostly to advance the plot. Fans will not be disappointed. The saga has come full circle. Like I did when Episode VII came out, I may go back and watch all of the movies. P.S. “The Empire Strikes Back” is still the best movie of the series.

Marriage Story

One of the best reviewed films this year is “Marriage Story”, currently streaming on Netflix. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, a better title might have been “Break Up of a Marriage Story”, since the whole film is about a couple’s divorce. Johansson and Driver, along with Laura Dern as a divorce lawyer, give career best performances. The story and characters seem so real and many of the situations are heartbreaking. I have not been an Adam Driver fan so far, but he won me over with this role, (Maybe I haven’t forgiven him for killing Han Solo.) And I have always thought that Scarlett Johansson was a good actress. She plays a woman who is a wonderful mother, sweet person, but screws over her husband. Definitely worth seeing.

Dolemite is My Name

If you are an Eddie Murphy fan, you will like his new film “Dolemite is My Name”. Based on the true story of Rudy Ray Moore, a wanna be stand up comic from the ’70’s who became a cult star, this film allows Murphy to do some straight acting and let loose when he becomes Dolemite.It reminded me of the young Eddie Murphy from “Trading Places”. “48 Hours” and “Beverly Hills Cop”. His stand up routines are outrageous, hilarious and filthy. The rest of the cast are mostly unknowns, but each one does an outstanding job. Murphy is being touted for an Oscar nomination and he deserves it. This film is streaming on Netflix so you have no excuse not to see it. It’s been a while since I said “Don’t  miss it” under Categories, so don’t miss it!

Honey Boy

“Honey Boy” is an autobiographical film about Shia LaBeouf’s life as a preteen and his time in rehab in his early twenties. Lucas Jupe plays the twelve year old character, Lucas Hedges plays him at twenty, and LaBeouf plays his own father. LaBeouf was a successful child actor who lived in a fleabag motel with his guardian father, a former rodeo clown who rides his son endlessly. The father is a recovering alcoholic, with a foul mouth and low moral values. On top these issues he is jealous of his son’s success and infringes on any happiness he has. Jupe and LaBeouf are excellent and play well off of each other. Hedges, playing the actor at twenty, is in rehab trying to come to terms with his demons. The movie tackles difficult themes, with the father especially unlikeable. This is a good slice of life film. LaBeouf, who wrote the movie, doesn’t candy coat his story. It’s a brave move to tell his life in this way.

Dark Waters

“Dark Waters” is the story of how Dupont has systematically polluted the land and water in West Virginia and poisoned the world with some of their products. It is discovered when a corporate lawyer takes the case of a farmer whose land has been ruined and his cows are dead or dying. As with many of stories where the little guy takes on the system, it’s an upward climb. Mark Ruffalo plays the real life attorney who convinces his law firm to take on Dupont. The corporation fights them with everything they’ve got, but in the end they can’t overcome the evidence. The film is a bit long, but the story is very compelling. Anne Hathaway plays Ruffalo’s wife and Tim Robbins his managing partner An interesting and important piece of current history. You will throw away your teflon pans after seeing this film.

Frozen II

It isn’t a surprise that such a huge hit as “Frozen” would spawn a sequel. This time Elsa and Anna must save their kingdom by finding the origins of the former’s powers. They discover how their parents met and how their ancestors didn’t always play fairly. While I believe “Frozen II” will be another success, this sequel seemed predictable and suspends reality to advance the plot. You can feel the musical numbers coming on and Josh Graf’s Olaf the snowman was annoying. The music is O.K., trying for another hit like “Let It Go”, but none of the songs comes close. The kids will love it and probably want to see it a few times. I wasn’t overly impressed.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is not just about Fred Rogers. It’s the story of a magazine writer who is assigned to write an article on the star of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”, initially believing it will just be a fluff piece. Instead, getting to know Rogers changes his life, helping him to get over his anger, appreciate his wife and child and become a better writer. The lead character is played by Matthew Rhys of television’s “The Americans” and Mr Rogers is portrayed by Tom Hanks in his best performance in years. The character could have come off as corny, but Hanks makes him a genuine, sweet man. If you saw the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” last year, this film is a great follow-up. It’s a genuine fell good movie that will lift your spirits.