Show Dogs

It is a sad commentary on the state of the film industry when there very few good movies out on Memorial Day weekend. I realize that they all can’t be “Deadpool”, “Solo” or “Book Club”, but this is depressing. And with my Movie Pass burning in my pocket, what am I to do? So I went to see “Show Dogs” and am not proud to admit it. The premise is that a police dog must infiltrate a dog show in Las Vegas. It’s basically “Miss Congeniality” with a Rottweiler named Max instead of Sandra Bullock and without any of the wit, charm or writing. The human stars are Will Arnett, one of my least favorite actors, and Natasha Lyonne, who is usually edgy and funny. They cleaned her up so much that I didn’t[t recognize her for half of the movie. This is one of those movies to avoid. If you have a five year old to take to it you will be doing them a favor if you stay home and rent “Coco” instead.