Mary Queen of Scots

I have to admit that I like English history. I am especially interested in Elizabethan England, Elizabeth I that is. The story of her rivalry with her cousin, Mary is compelling. In the past Katherine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave are just two of the actresses who have played Mary. Now, Saoirse Ronan has taken on the role in the latest version, “Mary Queen of Scots”. It tells the story of Mary from the time she goes back to Scotland until her death. There is intrigue, power struggles, rivalries, bad marriages, and jealousy. Beautifully mounted, the costumes, make up, and sets are realistic and beautiful. Ronan, once again shows her versatility as an actress by totally submerging herself in the role of Mary. Margot Robbie plays Elizabeth as stubborn, proud, scared and vulnerable. If you like historical dramas, do not miss this one. If you don’t, stay away.