Black Panther

The first great movie of 2018 has come out. “Black Panther” is the latest Marvel superhero to get his own film and it kicks ass. Like “Wonder Woman” last year this one is different, telling the story of a nation, Wakanda, that is invisible to the outside world. I went into the movie knowing that the Black Panther was going to be a black super hero, but I was bowled over by his warriors and guards. They were all women and trust me, you do not want to mess with them. The inventions and technology are very innovative. And the acting was quite good. Chadwick Boseman, who was phenomenal in “42” and “Get on Up”, is very good in the lead, Michael B. Jordan as the villain almost steals the show. But the real stand outs are the women. Being a super hero movie, there are a lot of special effects and battle scenes. An entertaining, well done movie.