Here is one of those stupid-funny guy movies. Interestingly it is based on a true story. Five childhood friends have been playing tag with each other in the month of May for over twenty years. They come up with outrageous ways to tag one another, but one of them has never been tagged and he is getting married. The characters range from a successful CEO to a slacker. Besides the slapstick and craziness, this film includes women in the mix. One of the wives, played by Isla Fischer, is as gung ho as the guys. Someone needs to give her a lead in a female comedy. This film is not Oscar material, but it is funny, has some originality and has an enjoyable cast. Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm lead the cast, but Jake Johnson and Hannibal Burress dominate the scenes they are in. A fun diversion. 👌👌👌