Phantom Thread

Despite the title, this is not another installment of the Star Wars saga. It is the story of 1950’s high fashion dress maker Reynolds Woodcock in London, played by Daniel Day-Lewis. The film was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who is somewhat of a cinema auteur. His recent works include “There Will Be Blood” and “The Master”. The role of the dress designer is one of Day-Lewis’s most normal acting jobs. While playing an eccentric, he isn’t invisible within the character like he was in “Lincoln” or “Gangs of New York”. Don’t get me wrong, he is still very intense. Woodcock is eccentric and obsessed by his work. As with all Paul Thomas Anderson films, it is beautifully shot, technically proficient and has a wonderful score. Also like his other movies, it is way too long. He is one of those writer-directors who needs someone else to edit his films. When sitting through an Anderson film, I hear myself saying, “Enough already! We get the point.” Supporting Day-Lewis are Vicky Krieps as his love interest/muse and Lesley Manville as his sister/business partner. Both actresses hold their own with him, which is not an easy thing to do. Day-Lewis has said he plans to retire from film making after this one. It’s too bad he couldn’t wait to do that until he made another great one.