The latest Spike Lee “joint” is a true tale called “BlacKkKlansman”. It’s the story of the first black to join the Colorado Springs police force. He notices an ad in the paper for the Ku Klux Klan and calls the number. Using his white voice he wins their confidence. He has to enlist a white cop, who happens to be Jewish, to play his alter ego. Together they infiltrate the Klan and thwart a planned attack. This film is a comedy and drama, played almost tongue in cheek. The lead is played by John David Washington, Denzel Washington’s son and he is good. Parts of it are hard to sit through while the Klansmen are spouting their racist rants. Topher Grace plays David Duke, who becomes friendly with the black cop, thinking he is white over the phone and it is very amusing. This is one of Lee’s best movies and he has become a subtle filmmaker. One of the best of 2018 so far.