The Leisure Seeker

We went to see this film because it stars Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland figuring how could it be bad? It’s a slice of life movie about an older couple taking off on a road trip in their 40+ year RV. He is a retired English professor who has Alzheimer’s and she is his devoted, bossy wife who has some disease that is supposedly fatal. They have all kinds of adventures and meet interesting people along the way. Ultimately it is sad as they know they are near the end, but they keep going anyway. Of course it is beautifully acted. Mirren, as an aging Southern Belle, gives a performance that is different than normal. Sutherland, who has always been an underrated actor, does a wonderful job as a once brilliant man who goes in and out of touch with reality. It is fascinating to watch him, not knowing if it’s his old self or not. This is a small movie and it drags in places. If you don’t see it on the big screen, watch it on Netflix or HBO. They don’t make them like this anymore.

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