Deadpool 2

I must admit that the original “Deadpool” was my favorite movie of 2016, so when they announced a sequel I was excited. I was also nervous that the new film would not live up to the original. I always say that the only sequel that was as good as the first movie was “The Godfather, Part II”. Well that film now has a buddy because “Deadpool 2” is as funny, action-packed, filthy, and snarky as the original. It is also quite bloody, but like the original, not in a believable way. Deadpool is still never at a loss for words and takes almost no one seriously. This time the villian comes from the future to kill a mutant adolescent who has the ability to shoot fire from his hands, is from New Zealand and is the self-proclaimed first plus-sized super hero. Lots of plot twists and unbelievable things happen. It would be hard to describe which part of the film was the funniest or best, but I would have to say the scene with the baby legs is a classic. I loved this movie. Be forewarned that there is a lot of violence and swearing, mostly in a sarcastic, snarky way.

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