Hotel Artemis

I went to see “Hotel Artemis” because it stars Jodie Foster. I had heard nothing about it prior. The plot takes place in the near future and Foster runs a hospital for criminals. If they are injured and have a membership they are admitted. The action takes place on a night that there is rioting in Los Angeles because the corporation that owns the water supply has cut it off to the masses. Meanwhile a hood and his gang take advantage of the rioting by breaking into a bank. While escaping they are shot and go to the Hotel. Also there are an arms dealer and a hit woman at the hospital. Finally the head of the local underworld, who is also the owner of the hospital needs medical assistance. A lot of other stuff happens. The action doesn’t stop and the atmosphere is kind of modern-noir. Foster plays a woman in her 60’s or 70’s. Very interesting and well executed, this dark study kept my interest and kept me guessing.

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