The Incredibles 2

Remember a few months ago when I wrote that I am usually wary of sequels that are made many years after the original? They usually are a pale reminder of the first film. “The Incredibles 2” is an exception. Coming to us fourteen years after the first film, this one is fresh, witty, original and fun. The characters from “The Incredibles” are back plus a couple of new ones. In this version super heroes are illegal. Elastigirl is called on to show the world that there is a need for their kind. She must leave her family, which now consists of a baby named Jack-Jack, with her husband who is overwhelmed. The baby, who all but steals the show, has all kinds of powers which he doesn’t know how to control. Frozone and Edna Mode return and are hilarious. This is one of those films that is written on two levels; It’s perfect for kids and adults will enjoy the more mature references and jokes. Pixar has done it again!👌👌👌👌👌

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