The Catcher is a Spy

I knew nothing about Moe Berg, a baseball player from the 1920’s and ’30’s. He was a Princeton graduate, major league baseball player, could speak something like eight languages and was Jewish. The OSS recruited him during World War II to find out if one of Germany’s top scientists was close to developing the atomic bomb. He did so by going to Europe and infiltrating Nazi circles. The movie stars Paul Rudd in a totally serious role and he does a good job. He plays Berg as an enigma, someone who doesn’t get close to anyone. The film is slow and not always interesting, even if the story is. It was released on Netflix, not in theaters, so you can watch it at home. Not the greatest, but like I said, it is an interesting, little know part of our history. P.S. Berg’s baseball card is the only one on display at CIA headquarters.

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