The Old Man & the Gun

Robert Redford has said that “The Old Man & the Gun” will be the last movie he acts in and it is a fitting finale to his career. Based on a real person, Redford plays a polite, well mannered, charming bank robber who performs his job because he loves doing it. His victims have nothing but nice things to say about him. While escaping from a robbery he meets a widow, played by Sissy Spacek, and they strike up a relationship. Casey Afleck plays the detective who tries to catch him, especially since Redford’s character performs a robbery while he’s in a bank. Along the way we learn how he has escaped from prison numerous times. As usual, Redford does a nice job and his easy rapport with Spacek is nice. This is not the type of performance that wins awards, but it’s vintage Robert Redford. The movie meanders along with not very much action other than a few car chases, but it’s an enjoyable character study.

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