Oscar Commentary 2019 #2

I usually have a hard time predicting the Supporting Actor and Actress categories. There are traditionally some ringers and this year is no exception. The Supporting Actor category is especially difficult. The early front runners were Richard E. Grant for “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” and Sam Elliot for “A Star is Born”. Then Mareshala Ali for “Green Book” started winning some of the early awards. Adam Driver for “BlacKkKlansman” and Sam Rockwell for “Vice” round out the list, but don’t look like they have a chance. Rockwell won last year. If the Oscar goes to Elliot it will reward an actor who has been dependable for a long time. Ali won two years ago, but seems to be the favorite now and Grant gave a great performance. I am split between Ali and Grant, but will give it to Ali.

The Supporting Actress category is a little easier to predict because most of the pre-Oscar awards have gone to Regina King for “If Beale Street Could Talk”. King should have been nominated for “Ray” and she is always good. In “Beal Street” she gives a strong, virtuoso performance. Amy Adams is nominated again for “Vice” as Lynn Cheney. As usual she is excellent, tough and relentless. This is her sixth nomination and there is the possibility that the Academy may take that into consideration. Rachel Wiesz and Emma Stone were equally bitchy in “The Favourite”, but I think they will cancel each other out. Finally, Marina del Tavarina’s nomination for “Roma” is the Academy’s way of honoring “Roma” some more. In the end, I think that Regina King will wall off with the trophy.

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