The Current War

“The Current War” tells the story of how electric lights came to the United States. Thomas Edison, played by Benjamin Cumberbatch, was the premier inventor of his time. He was also the premier ego. George Westinghouse, played by Michael Shannon, was an industrialist and businessman. Edison wouldn’t team with Westinghouse, because he wanted all of the fame. Money did not matter to him. So Westinghouse beat him at his own game. Thrown into the mix was Nicolai Tesla, who was brilliant but scattered. This movie was a bit slow, but a good history lesson. The acting is good, but the pace is not. It’s the kind of film to watch at home. An interesting side note: “The Current War” was supposed to come out in 2017, but it was distributed by the Weinstein Company at the time that all of the allegations about Harvey Weinstein came out. So it was shelved until now. Not a bad movie, but not a great one,.

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