The Way Back

In “The Way Back” Ben Affleck plays an alcoholic man who is just existing. A former high school and college basketball star, his wife has left him and he lives for his next beer. He is offered the chance to coach his high school’s basketball team. It’s a Catholic school going downhill and the team sucks. Along the way he regains a reason to exist, but still has a problem with alcohol. There is more to his back story, making him more complicated. As he did in the “The Accountant” a few years ago, Gavin O’Connor directs a tight story that does not go in the direction you think it will. Affleck is quite good as the sad sack coach and the kids on the team are realistic as they grow under his guidance. The ending isn’t what you expect, but it is very satisfying. Well made and worth seeing. It’s sort of a “Hoosiers” for the 2020’s.

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