Wrath of Man

Anytime I see a film that stars Jason Statham, I know it will be action packed, short on dialogue and has a huge body count. “Wrath of Man” lived up my expectations. It had the extra bonus of being directed by Guy Ritchie, the British director known for action, if not subtlety. In this film things are not as they seem. Statham goes to work for a armored car company, but not for the reasons he professes. I do not think that he uttered one full sentence in the whole film and he only had one facial expression throughout. In other words he was perfect, He doesn’t use his martial arts much this time. Most of the action is with guns. There are a number of plot turns as the story is explained. And did I mention that there is a huge body count? A very satisfying action/adventure film. Not one that will be remembered at awards time. Again it was great to see it on the big screen.

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