Licorice Pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson is a director who writes his own scripts. The definition of an “auteur” he usually takes on weighty subjects with a great amount of zeal as in “Boogie Nights”, “Magnolia”, “The Master” and “Phantom Thread”. All of these films are interesting and well acted, but way too long. His latest, “Licorice Pizza”, is a lot lighter than his previous films, and is being touted for best picture. It’s the story of a fifteen year old entrepreneur/actor and a young woman who joins him in his adventures in the early 1970’s. Once again, Anderson could have made the film about a half an hour shorter, but it is obvious no one edits his scripts. Even with the length the film is enjoyable. The two young leads are exceptional. Cooper Hoffman in his debut, is the son of Philip Seymour Hoffman, plays the fifteen year old and he is great. The female lead is Alana Haim and she is a real find. She has a presence on the screen. Her deadpan timing is wonderful and she carries the film. Haim is rightly being touted for a best actress nomination. This is the type of film that can be seen on the small screen. Enjoyable, but long.

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