Oscar Thoughts II: Best Actor

This year’s nominees for Best Actor are all worthy of the honor. Here is my take on who deserves the award and who I think will win.

Javier Bardem for “Being the Ricardos”. Bardem played Desi Arnaz during the making of “I Love Lucy”. He was believable and made me forget that it was an actor playing a famous person. That in and of itself was impressive. While he was quite good, I do not think he will win the Oscar.

Benedict Cumberbatch for “The Power of the Dog”. Cumberbatch is usually good in whatever he is in. In this movie he plays a nasty, mean spirted jerk and he does it well. Plus he speaks with an American actor. He will probably win an Oscar or two some day, but I hope it is not for this film. He has done better work and I hated the film.

Andrew Garfield for “Tick, Tick Boom…”. Garfield plays Jonathan Larson who wrote “Rent”. The film covers the time when Larson was a literally a starving artist. Garfield has the energy, innocence, drive and talent to play the part. And who knew he could sing? A brilliant performance and if Will Smith weren’t in the running, I would vote for him.

Will Smith for “King Richard”. Smith plays the father of Serena and Venus Williams. The character was a force to be reckoned with and Smith does an amazing job. This is his best performance an he deserves to win. A great performance.

Denzel Washington for “The Tragedy of Macbeth”. Washington doesn’t give bad performances and this one is no exception. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies. Washington plays the character with authority and force. Good performance, but I do not think this is Denzel’s year.

I think that Will Smith will win the Oscar and he deserves it. Benedict Cumberbatch could upset Smith if “The Power of the Dog” becomes a big winner, but I hope not. I wouldn’t be upset if Andrew Garfield took home the prize, Smith deserves it this year.

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