The Batman

Three words to describe “The Batman”: Dark, dark, dark! The new take on the Batman tale is dark and melancholy. Gotham City has turned into a crime ridden cesspool with corrupt politicians, dishonest police and two bit criminals. The Batman seems to be the only one going after the criminals. Enter a new super criminal: The Riddler. But this is the 21t century and the criminals are not as they were in previous films. The Penguin is a homely corrupt businessman. The Riddler is mostly seen on video. Catwoman is an ally of the Batman. And everyone has secrets that intertwine them with each other. This is an interesting, different take on an old tale. Not much light, lots of rain and everyone speaks in whispers. At three hours long it held my interest because I wasn’t sure what would happen next. And Robert Pattison is a good choice for the caped crusader. This is the best film since the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

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