I have been a Marvel fan since the first Spiderman movie through the X-Men era and into the Infinity Wars, but I am not thrilled with the newest super heroes they are coming up with. They seem to be taking themselves too seriously, are darker and much more violent. “Morbius” follows this trend. It’s the story of a sick boy who grows up to be a brilliant scientist who is always near death. By injecting himself with bat blood he heals himself and gains super powers. There is a catch; he must drink blood on a regular basis in order to maintain his strength. Does this sound familiar? Ever hear of Dracula? His friend who is as sick as he is gets ahold of the serum and uses it for evil. Fighting, destruction and blood sucking ensues. Jared Leto, who has made a career of playing weird characters, continues along this path. There is a reason this film got a 16% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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