Strange World

Disney’s latest computer animated film is “Strange World” and it is no “Frozen”. Based on a graphic comic it takes place in a world that may be parallel to our world. It starts out with a group of explorers looking to find a way out of their world, on the other side of the mountain. The group is led by Jaeger Clade and his son Searcher. The son does not want to be an explorer and heads back to their home. He becomes a farmer using the plants he brings back that provide energy and food. Twenty five years pass the main source of the plants are dying so they have to go on a new exploration to find out why. They land in a bizarre world, inhabited by weird creatures. They also find Jaeger who has been living there the whole time, still looking for the other side of the mountain. This is really the story of father/son relationships between Jaeger and Searcher as well as Searcher and his son. The artwork is colorful and unique, but in the end the film left me flat. It is different, but not great.

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