White Noise

I disliked “White Noise” immensely. Not only did I want my ticket money back, but I wanted the two hours that I had invested. Noah Baumbach, the director and writer, has done some interesting films like “Marriage Story”, but this one is a bomb. Allegedly the story of a crash between a train and tanker truck both carry dangerous chemicals it goes all over the place. The protagonists are the family of a college professor who is the foremost authority on Hitler. (Ugh!) Adam Driver, with a pot belly, plays the professor. His wife is on some sort of experimental pill and Don Cheadle, normally a great actor, plays another academic who speaks in metaphors and narration. There are no sympathetic characters and the plot keeps jumping around. My suggestion is instead of watching this film, read a book, go for a walk or take a nap, anything but watching it. Yuch!

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