Paddington 2

I enjoyed “Paddington” when it came out a few years ago. It was witty, smart and cute, the perfect family movie. I especially liked the English humor, not Monty Python but more Winnie the Pooh. So, I went to see its sequel, appropriately titled “Paddington 2”. I figured it would be a continuation of the charm of the first one or a dud. Well it pretty much followed the first one, though there were parts of it that were sappy. The added casting of Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson livened things up. Paddington is still the naive bear who only sees the good in everyone to comic results. The technology is flawless in bringing him to life. You really think of him as a person. Grant overacts, but it is what the part calls for since he plays a washed up ham actor. Enjoyable, light, G-rated. A bit of fluff. Perfect for kids. If you are looking for sophisticated drama, stay away.

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