The Darkest Hour (From December 30, 2017)

I also saw “The Darkest Hour”, the story of Winston Churchill’s rise to Prime Minister at one of the worst times in English history. Gary Oldman becomes Churchill the way that Jamie Foxx became Ray Charles, Daniel Day-Lewis became Abraham Lincoln and Marion Cottilard became Edith Piaf; he inhabits the character. His acting is nothing short of brilliant and I am saying that as someone who is not a Gary Oldman fan. I learned a lot about how Churchill’s own party disliked and disrespected him because he was a volatile person who had made some bad decisions and about the conflicts he faced. This is an historical drama, well acted and detail oriented. If you saw “Dunkirk” this summer and want to see what was happening over in England at the same time, this movie tells you. Not a lot of action, but I found it very interesting.

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