Clerks III

I have been a fan of Kevin Smith for a long time. His films are quirky, filled with unusual characters and witty, well-written dialogue. His most recent film is “Clerks III”. Obviously this one is a sequel to “Clerks” and “Clerks II”, the story of Dante and his friend Randal. In the original they ran a video store. They have progressed to owning a convenience store. In this film Randal, an avid movie watcher, has a heart attack which inspires him to make a movie. He enlists the people around him and films scenes about things that happened to them. You don’t necessarily watch a Kevin Smith film for the plot or relevance. You watch them for the witty dialogue and amusing people. “Clerks III” is a worthy successor to the originals. It is like visiting old friends. If you like off beat comedies, you will enjoy this film.

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