Black Adam

When I was a kid I preferred reading DC comics, especially Superman and Batman. When it comes to movies I prefer the Marvel super hero films, though lately they have depended on the violence a bit too much instead of the storylines. I did like the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, the first Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I have not liked the last few Superman movies for a few reasons. First, Lois Lane should not know Superman’s identity and the films are too dark. The latest DC superhero to come to the screen is “Black Adam”. I was not familiar with this character. His back story is very interesting. He is both hero and villain. The supposed villains who are sent to stop him are not who they seem. I liked that the plot twists were not predictable. There was violence, but it didn’t take over the plot as it does in other superhero films. Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam, though he doesn’t earn that name until the end of the film. He was good, but won’t win any awards for it. Aldis Hodge and Pierce Brosnan lead the group who come to put him down. Hodge is especially good. I look forward to seeing him in other films. With all of the twists in the plot I was kept guessing and I liked that. Better than I expected, I recommend this film to those who enjoy these types of movies.

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