Armageddon Time

I was intrigued by the previews for “Armageddon Time”, a film that tells the story of an adolescent growing up in Queens in the early 1980’s. The boy is played by newcomer, Banks Repeat, who is quite good. Innocent, curious and always getting in trouble, he is part of a Jewish family consisting of an older brother, parents and grandparents who get together often. This boy befriends a Black boy who is treated badly by their teacher. Their friendship gets him in trouble. During all of this, he spends time with his grandfather, a holocaust survivor, who serves as his best friend and moral guide. The grandfather is played with quiet dignity by Anthony Hopkins. The boy and his friend rob his school, get caught and end up at the police station. He gets off because his father knows someone, but the Black boy does not. The acting is realistic and the plot moves, but I did not feel it went anywhere. I was left thinking, “Is that all there is?”. I’ve seen a couple of the director’s, James Gray, films and they are hit or miss. I believe he is a promising film maker, but has not hit his stride yet. An interesting film. I recommend that you see it when it is on T.V.

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